Zehir is a hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V a
nd also one of the protagonists in this game.


Zehir is the son of Archmage Cyrus and Nadia. When Markal defeated the Leauge of the Silver Cities and killed Cyrus himself, Zehir went into hiding until the necromancers' power dimnished enough to banish them away. When Zehir captured Al Safir and defeated the Necromancers, an Elf named Gallan from Irollan came to him with news - Queen Isabel will give birth to a Demon Messiah unless Zehir intervenes. Zehir came to the Holy Griffin Empire and, with help of Godric Unicorn and Findan, killed Markal and avenged his father's death. Afterwards, they met Raelag and Shadya on their way to the Queen. When the Queen was defeated, Zehir's ritual was disrupted by Biara. Zehir used the Heart of the Griffin to come to Sheogh, and with the help of his allies, defeated Kha-Beleth and saved the Queen.

He went to the place where Cyrus, his father died. He thought by the text Narxes found his father was still alive. He eventually found his father, but in truth it was Markal, who bounded his life to the Ring of the Unrepentant. Zehir slew the necromant and had no choice but to lead the Silver Cities.

During the orc rampage, Gotai and Kujin came to Shahibdiya and met Zehir. Zehir gave them the Staff of Kunyak and they accepted the gift, promising to meet him at Talonguard. Zehir went to re-unite with his old friends, but saw most of them died and their successors now fight. He defeated a clan for Ylaya, banished illusions of demons in Holy Griffin Empire for Duncan and Freyda and took Wulfstan to the place where Arkath first showed to the dwarves. When he made all the alliances, he joined his friends and attacked Talonguard. He was glad that they defeated Biara and went back to the Silver Cities.


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