These are the assignment desks, one for each of the lines. This is the BMT, the IRT. Here's the IND. There's our artist in residence. And right through here's our operations lieutenant, Enrico Patrone, who on weekends works for the mafia.
~ Zachery Garber explaining about the operations.

Lt. Zachary Garber is the main hero of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974). He is a transit authority officer. After giving of Japanese business men through his complex, Garber is contacted by Mr. Blue, who has hijacked Pelham One Two Three. Garber became concerned about the passengers Blue held captive. He had 1 hour to save the lives of the hostages. As the money was en route, Garber decided to meet the hijackers head on. As Blue was about to kill an undercover officer, Garber reminds the villain New York doesn't have the death penalty. Blue then kills himself to the horror of Garber. As he comes out, the train is saved while Garber knows he found the last hijacker.

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