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Yuzuki Yukari (結月ゆかり) is a young Japanese female character who is not only sold as a Voiceroid+ product but also VOCALOID3. Both products were released on the 22nd of December 2011. She is capable of several expressions early Voiceroids do not. Her voice provider was revealed to be Chihiro Ishiguro on her first anniversary.

For more information on Yukari as a Vocaloid, visit her article here on the Vocaloid Wiki.


She was also made capable to be bought with many different software bundles, including both her Voiceroid and Vocaloid versions and the software suite Music Maker MX.

In 2012, merchandise for both Yukari and another AH-Software product, the VOCALOID SF-A2 miki, were put up for sale. The merchandise included straps, mugs, and T-shirts manufactured by the company COSPA.


Yukari is due to appear in the Social RPG "Hack Doll - Nightmare Sequencer" (ハックドール-Nightmare Sequencer-) by Mobage. The game is for Android phones, and Yukari is unlockable by meeting certain conditions within the game.

Voice description

Yuzuki Yukari is a mature female vocal and the 2nd mature female vocal released. Her Voiceroid vocal is natural sounding and she is capable of several expressions as she can change her tone to achieve different tones. The Voiceroid voicebank in conjuction with her Vocaloid voicebank and her eXvoice package can be used to achieve a level of expression not capable of any single Voiceroid or Vocaloid.

Voice samples


  • While Yuzuki is the first Voiceroid to be sold as a Vocaloid, she is not the first Vocaloid with the ability to speak. She is only the second, the first being Gachapoid/Ryuto. However, Ryuto uses V-talk and Vocaloid-flex instead of the Voiceroid software.


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