Yon Goh
Yon Goh/No. 4 is the main character of Witoru/Neta Dream. He is the first male protagonist in a Yume Nikki fangame, and the first to feature dialogue in game.


Yon Goh has brown hair sticker out from his grey baseball cap, and a matching grey hoodie with a large "4" on the front, and dark grey shorts with dark grey shoes/sneakers too.


Yon Goh is one of the few protagonists to actually talk and interact with his NPCS, and frequently talks throughout other parts of the game as well. When drawn in fanart, people generally depict him as being an excited young boy who likes exploring his huge dream world.


It has been theorized that there is a connection with Yon Goh and the chasers, who look just like him but wear red and have a "D" on the front of the hoodie instead of a "4". Yon Goh is also drawn very often with Kagerou from Shadow, Fantasy, Shade, another game by Atteiu.

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