Yamato 'Matt' Ishida t
Matt is one of the original DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure and its sequel Digimon Adventure 02, he is T.K.'s older brother and is second-in-command, sidekick, rival, and anti-hero to Taichi "Tai" Kamiya. He holds the Crest of Friendship, and serves as an odd role, which activated when Joe risked his life to save T.K. from a Vegiemon and was then being strangled by it. Matt remembered how he had berated Joe earlier for constantly making mistakes and keeping them both stuck working in a diner to pay off the bill for Joe's meal, especially his accusation that Joe was making these mistakes on purpose. Realizing that, he also realized that he could not win his battles alone (a revelation that was finalized in his mind much later in the series) and needed the help of everyone, including Joe risked to save his life. When the DigiDestined traveled back into the Real World, he had one encounter with his mother, which did not go well. Although T.K. was ecstatic to have his whole family together (if only for a minute), Matt refused to say much more than "Hey Mom" to her. This encounter revealed lingering resentments in him that continue even after he returns to the Digital World. In the novelization, it is not because he resents his mother, but because he refuses to betray his father.


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