Woody in SuperMarioLogan

Woody is a character of SuperMarioLogan. He is also the secondary antagonist of Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures episode 7 (Season 2) and the main protagonist of his own series called “Shrimpo Hunter”. 


Woody's favourite food are shrimps and he calls them shrimpos. 

Woody's catchphrase is "CHEW WE BOI! Shrimpo Hunter!".


Woody is a redneck who is actually intelligent when he is compared to other characters like Shrek and Tony but he is not as smart as Mario or Chef Pee Pee.

Woody can do impulsive things, such as jumping out of a car to catch a Shrimpo (leaving Chef Pee Pee to crash).

Woody is an alcoholic in The Big Thanksgiving and early 2007-2008 SuperMarioLogan where he was drunk.

He can sometimes be cruel in some videos like MR. PIG'S LIFE STORY, where he abuses Luigi for no reason. Or in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. Season 2 Episode 7, where he argues with Shrek about who puts their food in the microwave first and he even threatens to shove waffles up Mario's butt when Shrek stuffs a corndog up his butt.