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Wizardmon b

Wizardmon is a minor hero in Digimon Adventure. He resembles a wizard-like monster. Gatomon befriended Wizardmon and became best friends. Like Gatomon, Wizardmon didn't like working for the evil Myotismon.

Wizardmon and Gatomon met Kari Kamiya, but Tai Kamiya thinks they're Myotismon's henchmen, but Wizardmon convinced they're friends, helping Kari become Gatomon's partner. While Wizardmon and Gatomon snuck into Myotismon's coffin, they got Kari's Tag and Crest, but Myotismon caught the two heroes, thinking they double-crossed him for stealing the tag and crest. Wizardmon and Gatomon engaged Myotismon into a battle. Myotismon tossed Wizardmon into the lake, making Gatomon sad.

Somehow, Wizardmon survived and was rescued by Joe and T.K. Wizardmon also cured Lilymon from Myotismon's Nightmare Claw attack. Wizardmon tossed the Tag and Crest at Kari and Gatomon. When Myotismon attempted to kill Kari and Gatomon, Wizardmon got in the way, sacrificing himself to save Gatomon and Kari. As he lay dying, Wizardmon thanked Gatomon for being his loyal friend. His death involved Gatomon to Digivolve into Angewomon to avenge Wizardmon's death and kill Myotismon with her Celestial Arrow attack.

After his death, during the events of Digimon Adventure 02, he returned as a ghost, which made Gatomon happy to see. Wizardmon warned the Digidestined about the Digimon Emperor and more evil around the corner. Before he left, he tried to touch Gatomon's paw, but being a ghost, he was unable to touch her. Wizardmon left, making Gatomon heartbroken.

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