Wind Ninja Mafuuba (風忍 馬風破 Kazenin Mafūba?): - After the Special Ninja Team was defeated, the Sorcerers Clan revived Kaze by turning him into a cyborg ninja. Mafuuba has all abilities from his deceased Special Ninja Team comrades in addition to his own, while fully overcoming his phobia of strong winds. He wields a pistol and sword cane and rides an enhanced motorcycle known as the Shadow Mach (シャドーマッハ Shadō Mahha?), which rivals the performance rate of Jiraiya's Black Saber. Although an enemy of Jiraiya at first, he was unable to tolerate the injustices committed by the Sorcerers and departed from the group to become Jiraiya's ally. The name "Mafūba" translates "Destroying Wind Horse".


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