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Wilt is a character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr (who also voiced Osmosis Jones, and Samurai Jack). Wilt used to play basketball until he lost his left arm and got his left eye broken. He now lives in the house full of Imaginary Friends, along with Eduardo, and Coco.


Wilt is kind-hearted, friendly, cool, humble, helpful, and incredibly nice. He is an optimistic and confident, despite his troubled past. Wilt was created by a kid named Jordan Michaels (a play on the famous basketball player Michael Jordan) who is now a famous basketball player. Wilt was named after the legendary basketball player Wilt Chamberlain. He was created to teach Jordan how to play basketball, who was extremely short for his age and constantly lost to his older brother. He wears old school styled basketball sneakers - which make his footsteps squeak like he's on a basketball court when he walks around - a red, white and blue sweatband on his wrist, and has a blue number one on his chest like on a basketball jersey. Wilt is also well-known for his habit of almost constantly apologizing for no good reason (usually before he speaks, he says "I'm sorry but," and sometimes asks "Is that okay?" at the end).