Wilfred the dog jason gann

Wilfred is one of the characters in the show Wilfred. He is played by Jason Gann.


Wilfred is the title character. Most people view him simply as a dog, but his neighbor Ryan sees him as an Australian in a cheap dog suit. He also smokes cigarettes, marijuana, and loves cheese. He also loves peanut butter and bubbles.

While Wilfred is often shown behaving in a very "human" way, he still acts as though he is a dog. Ex. When Ryan puts up a pet pen in the kitchen, which Wilfred as a man could easily step over, he nevertheless acts as though it is an impassable barrier, and reacts with genuine surprise when Ryan steps over it.

Wilfred is led mainly by his instincts, giving him a short attention span when something more interesting shows up. In this he is a fantastic contrast to Ryan, who always worries about the future. Sometimes this is helpful, but more often is comically disastrous.

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