280px-Whisper Elf Promo

Whisper Elf is one of the four Sidekicks released originally in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. She is the miniature version of Stealth Elf.


The Skylander Minis started off as regular "Sidekicks," assisting the Skylanders on many exciting adventures. And what they lacked in size they more than made up for in courage. Ultimately determined to become full-fledged heroes, they trained at the Skylands Academy - honing their powers and skills until they were ready. Now, they stand side by side with their full grown counterparts, ready to defend Skylands against Kaos and his evil minions.


  • Whisper Elf is the only Sidekick who doesn't make noises while in the game hence her name.
  • Both Whisper Elf and Mini-Jini are currently the only female sidekicks.

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