Warlic The Blue Mage is one of the most powerful NPCs in the game. In fact, he's so powerful that he rarely interferes in anything because he can't risk his power getting out of control. Has a rivalry with Xan that goes way, way back. He dies in Nythera's first quest chain, but later comes back from the dead to save her from her own mistakes.


The Archmage Warlic is tall, wears blue cloak with fur trimmings and has silver-white hair. If you talk to him, he will actually call himself a "blue mage." He's over 5000 years old.


Dean Warlic

Dean Warlic the head of G.E.A.R.S. University

He shows an instant interest in the Player, as soon as he discovers your newly-created record, in the Enrolment Exam. His own office is found on the fifth floor of G.E.A.R.S. University. When you arrive there you feel as if something is watching you. Warlic is a brilliant Mecha Pilot and can be battled at the Star Captain's Club, in East Soluna City, on the first floor in the 'Assault Mecha' video game. In this game, his ID Number is 2 and he goes under the name "Evil Jim". Dean Warlic sends you on many missions including "Defend Soluna City", "Tibattleonia", and "Rescue!".


  • His cape flaps in the breeze ... despite being indoors.
  • The blue eyeball in the decor (called Jimmy The eye, favorite Warlic pet) is animated.
  • He was destroyed by Nythera in DragonFable and brought back by her.
  • Not many people know this but Warlic has an armour called Warlic the Red which looks like him when in one of AE's other games "MechQuest." Check it out on his character page!
  • While being imprisoned by Lionfang, a recolored version of Warlic ran the Magic Shop in Battleon named Rawcli.
  • The Staff of Malachite is the weapon Warlic uses in many of his incarnations. In AQ Worlds, though, your character can also use it.
  • While he is in the AE staff he account is currently diabled as seen on his character page.
  • He is mentioned in the Book of Arcangrove.
  • He has a mirror counterpart that is (while still on the side of good) silly instead of serious.


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