Artwork from the The Young Ones.

Full Name

Vyvyan Basterd


Vyvyan, Vyv, Vavist, etc.


Rick, Neil, Mike




The Young Ones


None in particular


Wrecking the house buildings and complaining to Rick and Neil.

Type of Hero


We mean, yes you smell. Smelly.
~ Vyvyyan Basted

Vyvyan (full name: Vyvyan Basterd) is one of the characters in the British comedy TV series The Young Ones which ran from 1982-84.

He was portrayed by Ade Edmondson.


Vyvyan is a medical student who lives with Rick, Neil and Mike. Vyvyan is extremely violent and regularly attacks Rick, whom he despises and Neil, although he doesn't hate Neil as much as Rick. However, Vyvyan never attacks Mike and has some respect for him. Mike relies on Vyvyan to be his right-hand man. Depsite his violent behaviour, Vyvyan can be likeable. He shows signs of superhuman strengths such as being decapitated and fixing his head back on, moving a wall with his hands, being able to lift Neil over his head and having a pick-axe through his head. He is also able to eat anything from caviar and rats to televisions and bricks. Vyvyan has a pet hamster called SPG whom is prone to Vyvyan's violent outbursts, but these are sometimes provoked by SPG. In the final episode, Vyvyan is the getaway driver for the bank robbery. Unfortunately, he crashes the car and accidentally killed SPG who was asleep on the radiator. Vyvyan cries for a bit until Rick steals a double decker bus. They escape into the countryside, but fall off a cliff. They all say "Phew! That was close!" and the bus explodes. It is debatable as to whether Vyvyan and the gang survived this explosion.