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Vatista is an ancient humanoid weapon, known as an Autonomic Nerve, awoken by the recent increase in In-Birth and EXS.


Vatista is one of the Autonomic Nerve units that were created during the ancient times. She awakens during the events of the story to fulfill her first mission.

Vatista behaves very robotically, never showing any emotion and being very literal in both her actions and speech. Comically, she has difficulty understanding the concept of clothing and wore them after Hyde tried to explain why clothing is necessary, although she misinterpreted the reason and believed Hyde was referring to his own dignity rather than hers.


During ancient times, human created Autonomic Nerves with same technology as they created the Golems. Autonomic Nerves were given the purpose to watch over the Hollow Night and make sure no one devour too much the Power of Existence.

Vatista is awakened into the Night and she is surprised that people don't use horses as a transport method anymore. On her way to search for information she then meets with Hyde. Together they take down the Paradox, but after that Vatista thinks there was a different person behind this incident who need to be taken down. Hyde suggests that Vatista would lodge at Hyde's place for a month until the next Hollow Night takes place.


Vatista's ability is the FLS of Servitude called Restriction. It is unknown what this ability does.

Vatista's weapon is the Aegis-Attributer unit called Crimson Wings: Seven Flowers. It is supposed to have seven wings, but apparently for a "certain reason" she can currently only use just the six of those wings.

Pattern on Vatista's body is technique called Curse Commandment. It's needed for beings that use FLS as their power source.


  • Origin of Vatista's name is "Variable Register" which is supposed to mean something like "Excludes and rearranges the transformed ones."
  • She is similar to the Murakumo units, Vatista has several wings made of blades which she uses to attack.