Princess Vanilla Mieux is best friends with Chocola and the daughter of Queen Candy. Her familiar is the mouse Blanca. Vanilla's name, in french, translates to 'Better Vanilla.'


Vanilla has short, curly, blonde hair, large purple eyes and small fangs and pointy ears like all Le Royames. Her outfits usually change, except for her witch outfit (in the anime), her ogre princess outfit and her school uniform.

Vanilla's witch outfit consists mostly of purple and blue, with a green ribbon on the dress. She has black boots and purple gloves. The inside of her cape is blue. Her golden pendant is in the shape of a diamond, and her wand is blue with a diamond on top.

Her Ogre outfit is a fancy sleeveless dark purple dress and gloves, tiara, and slippers. Her wand is still the same.


She is quite shy, kind, and a bit clumsy, which makes her popular and cute in the Human World, though she didn't have many friends in the Magical World (where being brash and noisy is popular instead). Compared to Chocola, she is more conscientious and calm, often thinking before jumping into conclusions and asking to Chocola do the same (though never listened). Vanilla is very nice, and would never hurt Chocola. She is good at baking and cleaning. But being so nice, she can be a bit plain at times, but this never hurt her friendship with Chocola. Vanilla can be a crybaby. She is scared of spiders and other creepy things, and she can start to cry really easily.


  • Agrandissment (Collecting Hearts)
  • Larme Grêle
  • Collection
  • Bubble Blizzard
  • Hailstorm of Crystal Tears (as Noir Princess)
  • Obsure Crystallization (as Noir Princess)

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