My first day at Edison Park, you told me that if Miss Donovan asked what my father does for a living, I should say he's a businessman.
~ Val to his dad.

Val Goldman is one of the heroes from the 1996 American comedy film The Birdcage. Throughout the movie, he protects various friends and family members from the scandal hungry media.

He is portrayed by the actor Dan Futterman.

Film heroics

Val Goldman is the 20-year old son of Armand and Albert Goldman. In the film, he announces his plan to marry 18-year old Barbara Keeley. Barbara comes from a conservative family and her father Senator Kevin Keeley is one of two co-founders of a society that idealizes traditional family values. At the beginning of the film, Senator Keeley's chances for re-election is in danger because the society's other co-founder was found dead with an underage prostitute. The only chance to prevent the scandal from destroying the senator's re-election campaign is to publicize Barbara's grand wedding to the media.

Val Goldman awake

After waking up from announcing his plan to marry Barbara

Senator Keeley and his wife arrange to have a dinner with Val's parents at Armand's home to get to know their future in-laws. However, Val and Barbara believe that it is best to keep the senator oblivious to the fact that Val's parents is a gay couple as this may ruin the planned wedding and the senator's chances of portraying an elegant presentation to the media. Val's parents go along with the idea and decide to invite Val's biological mother Katherine to be presented as Armand's wife during the dinner.

During the dinner, Katherine is caught in traffic. In order to proceed with the dinner, Albert dresses up as a woman to take Katherine's place. However, this plan fails when the real Katherine shows up. Everyone explains to the senator why they all tried to hide the fact that Val's parents are two men. The senator is okay with it. However, the media had caught news of the dinner and learned about Val's parents. The media surrounded Armand's home in the hopes of getting a picture showing the senator leaving a drag club as Armand's home is above a drag club.

Val Goldman parents

Shows his love towards his parents

Val along with his friends and family help the senator escape this potential career-ending situation. Everyone at the dinner all dress in drag especially the senator so they are all unrecognizable to the media. The plan worked as they were able to stroll through all the reporters and cameramen without being recognized.

Val and Barbara have their beautiful wedding at the end of the film, Thus saving Senator Keeley's career and re-election.