Usotsuki is the main character in Yume Nisshi. (Not to be confused with Urotsuki (Yume 2kki Protagonist).


Usotsuki has short shoulder-length blond hair, a dark blue tank top dress, and pale purple shoes. Typically in fanart she is depicted to be shorter than most dreamers, possibly younger, but not as young as Chie.


Usotsuki is depicted most of the time as a sweet little girl, but with also a rather violent and mischievous side, possibly because she has such a brutal weapon (Nail bat), and to match her name (Liar), she can be quite sneaky, and seems to enjoy getting into trouble.


Not much is known about Usotsuki, but she seems to have a connection to antique-like things, and possibly churches. The game is still incomplete, so her full past has not been revealed yet.


  • This effect is a direct reference to Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill video game series and possible reference to Sack of Onion Bag from Rule of Rose.

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