1. No one-hit knock-outs or instant kills.

2. No cursing/swearing, or otherwise inappropriate language. It is okay to insult your opponent.

3. Make only one move on your turn.

4. Don't make it too gory (i.e. blood gushes from User:Example's mutilated body)

5. No, you are not invincible.

6. If you leave the battle without saying so and neglect to move for a period of two weeks it is considered a forfeit.

Regarding Tournaments

1. Each "????" represents one person that can join. This also regards regular battles.

2. To join go into the heading and put your name where a "????" is. Regarding battles also.

3. Once a tournament is started you cannot join in. You can commentate, but not fight.

4. While a user battle can be made by anybody, only an Admin can start a tournament.

One on One Battles

Battle I (Drasocon-Z vs M-NUva)

I am Drasocon-Z, the twin of Drasocon. While Drasocon fights for an all-consuming chaos, I, his clone, fight for a never-ending peace. While I do fight for good, my methods are villainous. Does anyone dare to fight the me, the light-sided darkness?

Does anyone want to fight?

"Why not? I need all the experience I can get."[Drasocon-Z grabs Tueor and throws him into the air.]

Tueor floats up and stops to turn on Drasocon-Z and tackle him from the sky.

[Drasocon-Z grins]"Just what I thought you'd do..."[Drasocon-Z let's Tueor grab him, when he let's off some electricity, frying Tueor's hands.]

Tueors hands heal before he touches the ground. "Electricity creates light. I can control light." Tueor then does a jump kick to Drasocon-Z's face.

"Hmm... That could be a problem..."[Drasocon-Z spits out a black hole, which soon consumes all light, and pulls Drasoccon-Z and Tueor inside...]

Drasocon-Z we would both be killed in a Black Hole. The pressure would crush us.

"Maybe you would, but I wouldn't. Your choice if you want to die or not."

That is what is called God modeing. You are NOT invincible.

-unless you can explain why you are able to defy such laws of physics, I suppose..-Inferno Pendragon 16:51, February 24, 2010 (UTC)

-I can. My species (Dramons) have evolved to be able to survive in space, and in black holes. We have not been able to master the ability of surviving too far underground, though.(Hint hint.) I did not know what GMing meant, so I assumed GmailIng (don't judge!). And I am NOT invincible. If I was, well, there would be no point in battling. Drasocon the Avenger 22:22, February 24, 2010 (UTC)

Whatever Drasocon.....M-Nuva returns to earth to find that he was transported back in time one week because of the black hole.

[Drasocon-Z teleports to a nearby building, and watches M-NUva, showing no intent of doing anthing harmful.]

Battle II (Equis Vs Drasocon)

-a golden portal of light opens and an angelic figure emerges, holding a blade that sparkles with the energy of a star- "here ye citizens of this realm, I am Equis - the blessed King of Avalon and though I mean you no malice I seek a contender to engage me in battle so I may stand ready to defend my kingdom should the day arise.." -he then waits patiently, driving his sword into the ground and using it as a form of support-

"Are you Inferno's step-brother?" [Drasocon appears through a black portal]"I'll fight you, as long as you don't use the Celestial sword..."

-Equis frowns slightly- "that name is not to be used in my presence.." -he hrms- "..very well, lesser-creature.. you shall have your wish.." -Equis releases the sword, which melts away in a flash of light- "..though if your heart was pure you would not fear the Blade.. regardless, make your move.."

"Okay, you are just rude. Lesser-creature??? Seriously? For that, I'm gonna hurt you. I have a bad history with humans, so I have no regrets!" [Drasocon kicks Equis in the leg, then twirls around him like a tornado, hundreds of cuts and bruises appearing, along with 8 deep gashes.]"And I am a villain, so of course my heart isn't pure. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Inferno, Inferno, INFERNO!"

-Equis stands up after the assault and heals his wound, spreading his wings- "humans are a lesser-race, do not insult the legacy of the pegacorn by confusing us with them.." -he charges forward and delivers an upper-cut to Drasocon that feels like a small truck- "..of course I expect such ignorance from a demon such as you - my kind should of slaughter you when we had the chance.. but enough of these words - you seem to know my brother so I trust he taught you the code of war: no surrender!" -swings at Drasocon again-

"Hey, I'm no DEMON either! I.. AM...A...DRA...MON...NOW...DIE!"[Drasocon dodges the attack and stabs Equis with his sword, slicing through his left arm. Drasocon then dodges his next blow and throws a black orb at Equis' arm. The ball slowly turns to liquid as it mixes with the blood stream...]"Regenerate now, and you will suffer unlike ever before!"

-Hero appears hovering in the air, laughing- Equis, you call humans inferior for their lack of purity? You are the one who tormented your own brother for being different!

"Feel free to join in, Hero... I would like to shut his pie-hole."

-Equis looks at the wound, then at Drasocon- "hmm.. I see.. Watchers here my call!" -suddenly Equis starts to shudder as his skin takes on a golden glow, impurities fading as his arm begins to grow back, he notes- " know little of suffering: that is a curse only a being with a heart can bear - your kind are not even worthy of it.." -he holds out a hand and fires the black orb back at Drasocon with the speed of a bullet- "..I am not as weak as my brother" he notes quietly. He also replies to Hero: "did he prove me wrong in my accusations? no.. you see.. you know nothing of the ways of Avalon.."

-Hero grows enraged- You drove him to such extremes with your stupid prejudice!

[Drasocon grows enraged, too]"You want the honor, Hero?"[Drasocon eats the black orb]"Or *crunch* me?"

-Equis suddenly looks geniunely shocked- "dear gods.. you people are insane.. I come here for simple combat and you treat me like a criminal! need I remind you that I am the rightful heir of Avalon? what my brother did was treason.. besides, who among you is guiltless of sin.. certainly not the demon *points at Drasocon* nor you, floating girl.. you are both guillable fools who fall for the sob-stories of a man who drove his people to war.." -he then folds his wings back, addressing Hero directly- "..I know I can't talk sense to the barbarian but you are a hero, I can feel it in your heart - see past the trickery of my brother and see the truth.."

"BARBARIAN? DEMON? I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!"[Drasocon holds up a hand...]

[And from the heavans comes Drasastercon, King of the Gods of Drastar.]

"Hmm... Equis... Drasocon, what the He** is going on?"[Drasocon whispers to Drasastercon]

-Hero calms down- You are right, Equis. Inferno did drive innocent people to their deaths...but who was the one who treated him like a monster? You and the rest of Avalon. Can you truly blame him alone for acting out against the kingdom that destroyed his innocent heart?

-Equis replies simply- "yes.. in fact I drove the Blade into his heart.. I felt remorse over his death, any brother would.. but over the years that remorse has faded and I realise something: I should not feel shame over what I did, I should embrace it.. now if you are done distracting me with your delightful tales of woe I believe the creature has unleashed something that will require my attention"

"You call my creations CREATURES? Okay, Drasocon, I will give you god powers, for now."[Drasastercon dissappears.]

"Time to die, Equis!"

-Equis looks to Drasocon without emotion- "very well, slay me - I'm sure my poor abused brother will thank you.. since by killing me you will also end his life.." -he puts a hand to his mouth in a mock-gesture of surprise- "..oops, did I say that out loud - the priestess will be most displeased.."

"Interesting... But, as I know very well, there is a way to keep you dead and Inferno alive..."[Drasocon slices Equis clean in half, the last look on his face a one of confusion.]"Now, I just pop out the heart...there! Drasastercon the Almighty, I sacrifice this heart to you, in exchange for the life of Inferno...[The heart dissappears...]"Okay, thanks!" [Drasocon starts to fly away...]

-as Drasocon flies away a girl appears on the battlefield and raises her hand, reviving Equis in a flash of light before she vanishes- "we watch.. we watch" -she sings-

[Drasocon continues to fly away, apparently unaware of Equis' revival]

-Equis shakes it off and returns his focus to Hero, eerily calm - as if what just occured was an everyday occurance- "..tell my brother nothing of what transpired today, as a hero I expect you to understand the severe consequences that would occur if you did so - and read closer into your enemies: you are too easily swayed by empty words.."

[Drasocon gasps, as he watched the whole scene unfold, as he flies away, towards the last none location of The Twilight Emperor, Inferno Pendragon.]

-Equis then turns and forms a gate of golden energy and walks into it- "I shall return some day and I shall expect you all to treat me with some more respect: until then I bid ye fare well and give you a friendly piece of advice, do not interfere with things your small-minds can not understand.." -he then vanishes in a ray of light-

Angel vs. Hero

Hero! I want to battle you... why I want to... well... I want to train is all and I know that you can help me with that matter. I'm not saying you're weak in fact I'm calling you strong. And that's the main reason I want to train and also... I can tell you the what a villain could in fact be thinking... so... what do you say Hero? Do we have a date?

[Drasocon and Drasocon-Z come out of nowhere.]"WE are not going to battle you, just telling you that you will be rejected for your date. You might get in some training against her, if you lucky..."[They go back to the shadows, waiting for the inevitable...]

-Hero Forever arrives on the battlefield- Alright. I accept your challenge.

[DZ mutters to his brother.]"This is about to get spicy."

-Alright! You go first... and sorry if I get violent! I still follow my ethics of not going easy on anyone! So... sorry if you get hurt!

[Drasocon replies.]"Ooo...wrong choice of words...10 gold pieces says she will slap him."

"Your on!"

Alright! Again you go first!

-Hero summons a fire sword and starts swinging the sword at FallenAngel-

-Heh! Alright! [Summons a sword made of water to counter her sword swing. The result winds up sending steam to rise from the collision of the two blades]

-Hero jumps backwards about ten feet and shoots an intense fire wave at FallenAngel-

[Angel turns the fire into steam and turns it into a slice of red velvet cake which he then eats] Mmh! This is delicious! Alright... gotta stop screwing around and attack! [Angel swings his sword which sends out a shockwave composed of water] Remember I know your weakness... your real weakness. Which I won't reveal cause I know better than to keep talking.

[Drasocon gives his brother his 10 gold pieces, and laughs.]"Knows better than to keep talking...yeah right..."

Zach: "Aw shut up Draso..." LOL!

-Hero breaks out into a cold sweat at the mention of her weakness- Y-you remember?

-Of course I remember but! I won't try to take advantage of it again so... you can relax! And I won't reveal it either... Well let's get back to the battle. [Freezes the air around Hero but not her to make an unmeltable icicle that he uses to signify a change in the arena terrain] I'm about to make it -30C. Hope that fire in your heart keeps you warm. I love the snow and now I shall cover the field in it! [Freezes the water droplets in a nearby cloud to make it snow]

-Hero starts to laugh- The only way you can beat me is if you exploit my weakness. If you don't, then I don't have a thing to worry about. -Melts the snow around her with fire-

-Ugggh... Alright... I guess... really? Do you really want me to exploit your weakness again? I'd rather not... in fact I just challenged you to train us both not to defeat you. Please understand that! Anyways... [Creates a pile of unmeltable snowballs then throws one at Hero] SNOWBALL FIGHT.... sorry 'bout the yelling...

-Hero melts all of the snowballs with fire- You don't stand a chance!

-Seriously? [Sighs then creates a feather made of water just in case] I'm sorry... you seem to want your weakness to be revealed and I don't want to exploit it but that is a just in case thing... anyways! [Angel dissapears and in just an instant reappears and uppercuts Hero sending her skyward. He then follows and charges up a small red beam in his left hand, a blue one in his right] [Thinks to himself] (Time for the fusion of fire and water to come about!)

-Hero laughs again- Angel, don't you get it? I want you to use my weakness against me so that I can toughen up to the max! I have a planet to protect, and I can't afford to be anything but superpowerful!

-Alright... I shall make my power spheres into feathers... [Angel does so and then proceeds to tickle her with the feathers. He makes the other feather he made earlier float free of its own will and go towards Hero in order to tickle her as well. You then hear her giggling loudly] Am I... having fun... with this... [A smile forms on Angel's face] Heh heh... this is fun!

-Hero, laughing hysterically, begins to spiral towards the ground- Pull up, Rune! Pull up!!

-[Angel being sympathetic grabs her before she hits the ground but then proceeds to charge up the two colored orbs he was charging earlier] (And now for the fusion of water and fire!)

-Hero pulls out of Angel's grip and tries to catch her breath-

[While Angel is charging up he takes control of the three feathers he created and proceeds to tickle Hero once again. The orbs are now the size of bowling balls]

-Hero laughs hard, immobilized by the tickling-

-[The orbs reach their full capacity. Angel then calls off the feathers, then claps his hands combining the two orbs together] Hero?! Do you know what this is in my hand? I'll give you one guess... and no! It's not the fusion of fire and water although that's probably what you might've heard had you had mind reading powers!

-Cold sweat drips down Hero's face- Wha...what is it, then?

Well actually... I guess it is the fusion of fire and water after all.. anyways! [Fires the orb which explodes short of it's target... <_<']

-Hero stares, not sure of what to do-

[Suddenly a bright light surrounds Hero sending her sprawling backwards] Hah! I did that on purpose! Sorry... bout that though... but! Anyways...

-Hero shoots a ray of fire at Angel as she flies backwards- Haah!

[Angel creates a hammer composed of water to whack the fire back at hero while mixing in some fake fire into it] Heh! Think I didn't see that coming!?

-Hero slows down and stops- Make your move.

I did! You've got fake fire fire moving towards you... and at a breakneck pace too! "And kinda off topic but I'm gonna start using three other charcters in any future battles against me. In fact I came up with a killer villain who wants to battle you. You see later on when I get done with my battle with my corrupted self." Do something!

A killer villain...who wants to battle me? -Hero raises a fire shield that easily blocks the 'fake fire'- Who is he?

-He's the villain I came up with on my user page named Mark. I'm still working on his concept but! Whenever he appears there will always be a storm. There is no getting rid of that storm! He is sorta like Angel was but! He's more psychotic and he's more stronger and more willing to kill! He will always survive if he is defeated somehow. He is literally a killer villain. Anyways... [Angel uses his hammer to shatter the barrier which he then uses the hammer to smack Hero all the way to the sea. He then follows her dashing all the way to the middle of the sea where she should then land]

-Hero falls into the water and vomits while submerged-

-Hmm.... heh heh... [Angel swirls the water around him to form a shield. He then goes under to fight Hero] Hah! You're in my turf now Hero! You're gonna have to figure out how to fight me underwater! Heh heh...!

-Hero heats up the water around them, causing it to boil-

-Water is my turf! You can't kill me in it! And besides you're going to kill off the fish if you keep doing that. [A nearby fish swims by and instantly gets fried. The fish floats up to Angel's shield and up to his mouth. He then eats the fish.] Mmmh! Flounder! Now do you see what I mean?

-Hero rams into Angel-

That hurt a bit!

-Hero flies out of the water and shoots fire at the surface of the water-

[Angel raises his left hand which makes a giant watery hand appear from the depths of the water. Angel then appears to grab nothing which the water hand responds by grabbing Hero. Angel's eyes are closed during all this]

-Hero struggles to pull free from the hand, but to no avail-

[Angel then makes the grip on Hero tighter by clenching his own hand]

-Hero surrounds herself with an aura of fire, evaporating the water hand-

[Angel makes the steam made from the previous attack reform into a giant flameproof hammer which he then whacks Hero downward with sending her back into the sea]

-Hero creates a sphere of fire around her, enabling her to breathe underwater-

[Angel penetrates the shield then pulls her down to the bottom of the sea] My terrain! My rules! (LOL not really...) Heh heh... Well Hero... I'm surprised your flames are burning brightly considering we're underwater and all.

Acetylene torch ability. My flames burn underwater. -Hero shoots the fire at Angel-

Is some thing wrong with all the wikis today or something? Because every single wiki I've been to that isn't Wikipedia is all messed up and stuff in terms of design and stuff. Anyways... [Angel summons an octupus to grab Hero and makes it tickle her. While the octupus is doing so Angel begins to punch Hero] What are you gonna do Hero? I'd say you're in a bit of a dilleima (hope I spelled that right). Do you escape while risking an innocent creature's life, or do you continue to be exposed due to your weakness? Please make the choice while the training time is still ticking. I forgot to mention that this match had a time limit. It's gonna go in 50 hours which uhh... can you figure out when that'll be for me? I'll do my signature so you can tell me. Why does the light disappear? OrbWell... it's because of... ME!

-Hero, laughing hard, manages to bite one of the arms of the Octopus, hoping it would let go of her-

Angel has quit the battle. Hero Forever wins!

Battle III - Inferno Jr V Hero

-a medium-sized cage is brought into the arena with armed guards at each side "move aside.. careful people.." "you sure we should do this?" "look, it's the only way to keep him happy.." "alright.." -the guards make sure to secure as much of the area as possible with dimensional-shields before they open the crate to reveal a deranged humanoid creature with red eyes, vaguely resembling a monkey.. he grins madly.. "me play now!" - the guards make haste to leave, making sure to stick around to see who - or what - may accept the challenge -

-Hero appears in a burst of fire in the center of the arena- Hmm...this isn't right. I was trying to find Game Stop...IS THAT A MONKEY?!!

-Inferno Jr looks at the new arrival, tilting his head as his eyes flash a rather familiar red: "you play?" he asks, his voice both creepy and comical due to it sounding vaguely like someone who has inhaled too much helium-

That depends. Do you know where Game Stop is?

-Inferno Jr thinks on this- "maybe me do, maybe me not.. hmm.." -he grins, revealing oddly sharp fangs- "if me help you find it will you free me from this place?" -he points at the dimensional-shields, rather elaborate security for containing a monkey-

Ehh, sorry. You look kind of evil. -Summons a fire sword-

-Inferno Jr grins and forms a red-sword out of energy as if mimicking Hero's action, kind of giving a new meaning to the whole "monkey see, monkey do" expression - he then looks to her and declares somewhat manically- "me Inferno!"

I'm Hero Forever, a proxy of goodness! I will not allow you to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world...even if you're a cute monkey...

-Inferno Jr thumps his chest slightly as he stomps- "monkey?! me not monkey!" -he then rushes towards Hero, still carrying that sword-

OH CRAP! MONKEY WITH A SWORD! -Hero raises her sword, prepared for an attack-

-Inferno Jr pauses a few inches away from Hero and twirls round, using his tail to swipe at her legs in an effort to sweep her off her feet: he's a sneaky little thing, that's for sure-

-Hero trips and falls flat on her face- This goin' down.

-Inferno Jr bounces up and down on the spot, twirling the sword around as he almost seems to be mocking the fallen Hero- "girl fall down!" -he taunts-

-Hero stands up and kicks the monkey- Ha! What now?!

-Inferno Jr falls down and rolls on the ground, as if badly hurt- "waaaaaah!"

-Hero walks over to Jr.- Aww...I'm sorry. Don't cry.

-Inferno Jr waits until Hero gets close enough then sweeps her off her feet again using his tail, cackling- "girl fall down - again!"

-Hero gets up quickly with a sour look on her face- Why you....-She swings her sword several times at Jr. unleashing several small rays of fire at him-

-Inferno Jr dodges the blasts then blinks as his tail catches fire and he runs in a circle-

{Throwing in the BTD4 monkeys with a maniac was a good idea. I'm so smart! -Drasocon}

-Hero Forever laughs, and then, unleashes a much larger fire wave at Jr.-

-Inferno Jr spins like a small tornado in order to absorb the flames and spins right at Hero-

-Hero absorbs the fire, and punches Jr. across the face-

-Inferno Jr jumps back, twitches his nose and growls.. he starts to grow.. and grow..- "waaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

-Hero stares with wide eyes- Aw, crap...

-Inferno Jr stops growing as he reveals himself in a new form: which looks like regular Inferno only younger- "..enough of this monkey business"


-Inferno Jr smirks- "yeah and you'll love the punchline.." -he teleports behind Hero and readies a powerful kick designed to knock her down- "..I get a real -kick- out of you!" -he cackles madly-

Oh my're dead. -Hero whirls around and punches Inferno across the face with her fist on fire-

-Inferno Jr chuckles even as he's punched in the face- "well yes and no.. silly big me is dead.. leaving me the only real Inferno left.. which is good cause I'm not all whiney and stuff.." -he hmms- " sec.." -he clutches his face- "AAAAAAARGH! it burns!" -he then grins at Hero, rather disturbing.. like a really bad cartoon-

-Hero swings the sword horizontally, hoping to strike him-

-Inferno Jr is struck with the sword and grins madly as he explodes in a fiery blast of energy-

-Hero absorbs the fire, but is very confused- He...exploded?

-a few moments later a portal opens from nowhere and many tiny Inferno Jr clones pour out of it- "you weaken energy!" "we make you pay!" "Pineapple!" -the creatures swarm towards Hero- (as for what the heck is going on.. Hero disrupted Inferno Jr's energy: leaving the creature highly unstable)

Pineapple? -Hero swats at the little Inferno Jr. clones with her sword- Back! Back, little demons!


The New Atheia Cup (Drasocon-Z, Angel, M-Nuva, Aeris)

Welcome one and all to New Aethia, where we will be holding the first ever Hero Tournament! Once we have four competitors we will get started. Groxiuos 22:01, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

I'm game. Bring it on, if you dare. The light-sided darkness awaits you! -Drasocon-Z

Heh heh... I can't wait! Why does the light disappear? OrbWell... it's because of... ME! 02:14, February 14, 2010 (UTC)

Round One Battle One: Hero vs. Drasocon-Z

Alright, Hero Forever here, and I'm willing to battle anyone.

-Inferno smiles and teleports to watch, though he refrains from entering combat himself: after all he has had his battles with this Hero before-

"I want a go!" [Drasocon-Z grabs Hero's hand and drains her of her energy, transferring it to him]"Interesting... you are VERY powerful..."

-Hero grabs Drasocon-Z's hand, turns and throws him far away. She, then, proceeds with sticking out her tongue-

-Inferno can't help chuckling at that as he watches-

"Hey, no need to be so rude..."[Drasocon-Z grabs Hero's tongue and electrifies it...]

-Hero Forever starts to cry hysterically- WAAAAAAAAHH!!

"Hmm... not the reaction I expected..." [Drasocon grabs the A's from Hero's speech bubble, and throws them at her. They slice off bits of skin as they fly past.]

-Hero examines her torn skin- Hmmm...fight dirty will ya'? -Summons her fire sword and unleashes a fire wave at Drasocon by swinging the sword at him-

[Drasocon-Z laughs like a maniac]"I'm part Dragon, Hero. Fire has no effect on me! [The flames hit Drasocon-Z, and are absorbed. Drasocon-Z then runs toward Hero, pulls out a sword, and starts to duel with her...]

-Hero jumps backwards, and darts straight up, into the air-

"Hmm..."[Drasocon-Z opens a portal above Hero's head, which she flies into, and out the other end, in front of Drasocon-Z, who hits her on the head with a frying pan.]

-Hero rubs her head in pain, then, takes the frying pan and hits Drasocon-Z in the head with it-

[The fying pan hits Drasocon-Z and falls apart...]"Failed!"[Drasocon-Z stabs Hero in the stomach with a knife]"No guts, no glory!"

-Hero looks at the knife, seemingly unharmed- Hey...that hurt, ya' jerk! -Takes out the knife and stabs Drasocon-Z with it-

[Drasocon-Z deflects the knife and kicks Hero over.]

-Hero stands up and kicks Drasocon-Z in the shin-

[Drasocon-Z points in the distance.]"Punch-buggy silver!"[Then punches Hero in the stomach, knocking her over 20 feet away.]

-Hero sprints back and rams into Drasocon-Z-

[Drasocon uses his best Texas accent and says:]"Your a tough little bugger, ain't ya?"[Drasocon grabs Hero's hair and swings her around, then releases her and throws her toward a junkyard.]

-Hero begins to throw garbage from the junkyard at Drasocon-Z-

"Hmm..."[Drasocon-Z grabs the garbage and starts building something. A few seconds later, a large robot is born.]"Activate command sequence 21ah4ye10893 dash 291748go58ds37: Destroy Hero."[The robot runs over to the junkyard and fries Hero with a lazer beam.]

-Hero flies up, and plunges straight through the robot-

[The robot, still functional, grabs Hero and electrocutes her.]

-Hero creates a fire tornado that envelops the robot, and sends the whole thing flying towards Drasocon-Z-

[Drasocon-Z absorbs the fire, leaving the small robot bits on the ground, then mentally assaults Hero.]

-Hero smiles- You're really gonna' go into my mind? I don't think you'll like it in there.

"We will see...[Drasocon-Z goes into Hero's mind, then sees an image he wishes he hasn't.]"Didn't need to see that...[Drasocon makes Hero hit herself.]

-Hero thinks up several unpleasant images- Heh, heh...

"That's just nasty..."[Drasocon-Z punches Hero, and leaves her mind.]

-Hero punches Drasocon-Z in the gut-

[Drasocon-Z swings him foot, kicking her in the stomach.]

-Hero backs up from the impact- Ugh...

[Drasocon-Z looks at the battle above, where Hero is fighting Angel.]"Seriously? THAT'S your weakness?"[Drasocon-Z kicks Hero again.]

-Hero laughs- What? Are you jealous that I can only be brought to my knees through one weakness?

"No...I just think it's a stupid weakness..."[Drasocon-Z pulls out a feather, and starts leaning towards Hero.]

-Hero turns green and jumps backwards-

[Drasocon-Z tackles Hero and starts tickling her.]

-Hero laughs hysterically, shaking all over-

[Drasocon-Z pulls out one of his scales and starts tickling her with that. It is suprisingly tickly, for something so hard.]

-Hero manages to smack the scale out of Drasocon-Z's hand, and then, punches him-

"That wasn't very nice..."[Drasocon-Z tackles Hero, and starts tickling her, while lashing at her with his tail.]

-Hero begins to waver, trying to escape him- S-stop!

"Stop? Hmm...A nice idea, but I will pass."[Drasocon-Z continues tickling and lashing, then delivers the finishing touch with a frying pan to the head. He slips a Game Stop gift card into her pocket, then keeps tickling her, just in case she is faking...]

-Hero kicks Drasocon off of her, and stands up, trying to catch her breath- Ooh. A Game Stop gift card? That's awfully nice of you.

[The Game Stop Card starts singing "Boom Boom Pow" by The Black-Eyed Peas.]"An ironic choice, don't you think?"[The gift card explodes, flinging Hero backward.]

-After slamming into a boulder and falling to the ground, Hero slowly gets back up-

"KAMEHAMEHA!"[Drasocon-Z fires a huge kamehameha at Hero.]

-Hero narrowly dodges it and shoots back a large blast of fire-

[Drasocon-Z absorbs the fire.]"Mmmm...give me more!"[Drasocon-Z uses his absorbed extra power and uses it in a Ultra-Uber-Atomic Tickle on Hero.]

-Hero creates a shield of fire around herself, trying to deflect the assault-

"Thanks!"[Drasocon-Z abosrbs the fire, and his attack continues towards Hero, more powerful then before...]

{I'm sorry if the whole fire-absorbtion thing seems cheap(lol, copying Angel's words about Mark) but I didn't even realize you had fire powers until a week after this started.}

Round One Battle Two: M-NUva vs Aeris Replica

Well... it seems as if there is no one else... I had hoped to avoid entering, but I have no such luck it seems. You will be fighting a replica of me, sorry, but I have a planet to run... Groxiuos 01:43, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

Fine by me! M-Nuva walks into the arena. "Lets go."

Aeris smiles. "You first, I insist."

M-Nuva creates an orb of ice and flings it at Aeris.

Aeris swats the ice away. "I don't think you are trying..."

"Why should I?" M-Nuva shoots a small beam of ice out of the tip of his finger.

Aeris shoots a ray of light that melts the ice. "Because we know we can do better."

"I know that...but where is the fun in that?" M-nuva shoots a small beam of wind at Aeris.

"Lets make this fight more interesting..." Aeris says, unfazed by the wind.

"Fine." M-Nuva throws a ball of wind at Aeris the size of a base ball but at amazing speed.

Aeris makes a panel of metal fly up and block the blast. "Go ahead and pick a simulation for the battlefield, I am at an unfair advantage."

"Lets fight in a forest."\

The battlfield transforms into a forest. "Yes... little light shining through, wind can barely travel, limited access to metal... I'd say this handicaps us both very well." Aeris says.

"Well I just wanted it because forests are cool."


Aeris sighs. "Well make a move..."

"Ladies first."

{You just got BURNED!}

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