Usada Lettuce
Usada Lettuce (ウサダレタス, Usada Retasu) is the rabbit-like Buddy Roid partner of Yellow Buster. Usada often can be overbearing towards Yoko like a father, which can lead to fights, but they quickly reconcile.

Compared to the other Buddy Roids, Usada has the most faith in Yoko's abilities. However, this faith can be viewed as "overestimation", as he and Cheeda Nick will often clash with each other when it comes to the performance of either Go-Buster.

He has a habit of saying "Roger rabbit" as opposed to just "roger".

In the base, He works on data management in the control room. He can combine with Buster Vehicle RH-03 to modify its helicopter mode or to become a MegaZord.

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