Urotsuki is the protagonist of Yume 2kki. She fights with a chainsaw effect.


Urotsuki wears a purple plaid shirt with what looks to be a short white skirt and red shoes. Her hair is a blonde-ish light brown, short, but with longer strands coming down from either side. From her appearance, it's likely she's in her teens, no older than 18, though arguments could be made for any age. Like Madotsuki, her eyes are always closed, but wallpapers which picture them open illustrate them as brown or red. Her sprite maintains the typical head-to-body chibi ratio of Madotsuki and many fangame protagonists like her.

Many images of her depict her as relatively young, possibly younger than Madotsuki, but not as young as Chie.


Like the protagonist from the previous game, Madotsuki, she appears to be a hikikomori, and refuses to leave her room; If you interact with the door, she'll shake her head in a number of ways. The room she lives in is pretty big, and she has a TV, game console, and a Computer, which implies she has better living conditions than Madotsuki. The view on her balcony shows a pair of peculiarly shaped mountains, with a large forest surrounding it, so she likely lives in a somewhat rural area.

Unlike Madotsuki and especially Sabitsuki of .flow, Urotsuki's dreamscape has a relatively lighter atmosphere. While it does contain darker areas, the majority of them of a more neutral nature—e.g. Geometry World, Realistic Beach, Yellow Highway, etc. In the times she or the player chooses to utilize the chainsaw effect it seems to be of Urotsuki's will to entertain fantasy and not a sort of "darker side" she must succumb to, especially given the endings, all of which either involve some aspect of the protagonist's dreaming and imagination or her choice to leave the room and disprove the idea of her hikikomori tendencies, and none of which result in her inevitable death or suicide, unlike the original game.

It should be noted, however, that while she seems to be at least somewhat mentally sound, Urotsuki may have somewhat sociopathic tendencies or a strong interest in violence. When the player encounters Aoshiru, for example, her first impulse is to use the chainsaw and kill him—the player is not given a choice.

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