Urdnot Wrex

Urdnot Wrex

Now we can get back to what the Krogan do best: saving everyone else from the giant monsters.
~ Wrex
~ Wrex confronting Shepard if the Commander betrayed him

Urdnot Wrex is the krogan ally of Commander Shepard and a secondary protagonist of the Mass Effect series. He initially starts of as a bounty hunter fighting with Shepard to becoming the leader and savoir of the krogan race.


Urdnot Wrex was born a few years after the end of the Krogan Rebellions. He became the youngest krogan to become a leader, and also became the only krogan to successfully kill a thresher maw in the Rite of Passage. He became a battle master and urged the tribes to forget all about war and focus on increasing their population. His father Jarred then feigned he would talk to his son, but then ambushed him. Wrex survived, but was forced to kill his own father. Disgusted by how low the krogan had fallen form their roots of courage, honor, nobility, and heroism, Wrex gave up all hope and left to become a mercenary.

Wrex at first was much like a contract killer. He like all Krogan thought life's end should be an honorable death in battle. But Wrex isn't stuck in the old ways of the Krogan, things he says from time to time he doesn't like.

Mass Effect

Wrex at first is going after a man named Fist, and depending on how you handle the mission, he's recruitable. Soon after the Normandy mission on Virmire, he learns there is a cure to the Krogan genophage that Saren is creating. You can either kill him or save him. He can finish the fight against Saren all the way if handeled correctly. If he survivies the game, he begins to realize that he can still save the krogan race. Shortly after Saren's death and Sovereign's destruction, he left Shepard and returned to Tuchanka, becoming Urdnot's leader.

Mass Effect 2

Wrex is no longer on the team, but does make a cameo on the Krogan homeworld as long as he lived through Mass Effect. He is clan leader, and looks to be changing the Krogan for the better. He uses the events on Virmire as the evidence to convince the clan to unify under Urdnot. This brought him fierce criticism from traditionalists, but the fact that Wrex had declared his clan a safe haven for krogan females meant that even sworn enemies of Urdnot would protect him. He also forbade his soldiers to not attack women and children.

Mass Effect 3

When the time comes for the Krogan to join the war on the reapers, Wrex demands from the Salaraians if they work together a cure is in order. You can help him cure the genophage or betray him. (variety of different outcomes which he could possibly die in) He can help the war on the Reapers and although not able to be seen fighting, you can encounter him just before the final assault. In his resolution he can be seen possibly having a child. If he dies, his name can be seen on the Normandy memorial board.

If Shepard sabotaged the cure, Wrex will later discover the deception. He dosent discover the plot straight away, but on the mobile app, he will hint at it in a message. Sometime between the events on Tuchanka and Rannoch, Wrex will learn through a secondary source what Shepard has done. Infuriated, and with his species having lost everything, along with his implied son, Wrex calls off all krogan support, determined that if Shepard will let the krogan die, then humanity can join them. With that done, Wrex goes straight to the Citadel and ambushes Shepard at the docking bay, he dosent outright attack Shepard, wanting an explanation. Wrex will either get the truth, which sends him beserk, or Shepard can attempt a persuasion check, though Wrex simply decides in that case to make it fast and shoot Shepard in the head. Shepard can either kill Wrex personally or C Sec will do it, blasting him out of a window. Shepard then either revelas his freindhsip with Wrex, or cruelly denies knowing him. The krogan eventually die off, with their leader gone.


Wrex is much different than the average krogan. He is determined to prevent the krogan race from going extinct no matter the cost and usually wont care on the methods, which could result in his death at Virmire. He is also highly caring and respectful to others, as shown when he respects Shepard for his battle prowess and also has a friendly rivalry with Garrus. He also is far less sexist and chavanistic than other males, frequently including females when making decisions and also finds fighting with females makes it different, indicating he is more inclusive.

However though, he possess a fierce temper and plenty of arrogance, though unlike most krogan, he is capable of keeping it in check. He also knew that the Reapers would return and became determined to rally the krogan to fight them with the rest of the galaxy. He believed that the current mood of gaining revenge on the galaxy for nearly sending his species into extinction wouldn't work, as he knew that they would create another way to keep his species in check. Overall, Wrex is the exact opposite of the normal krogan, embodying their normal traditions: nobility, honor, courage, and heroisim.