I won't be given to anyone! Especially some arrogant, pampered, palace brat!
~ Tzipporah
Tzipporah is the true deuteragonist of The Prince of Egypt. Michelle Pfeiffer did both her speaking and singing voices, being one of very few exceptional actors whose characters sang, as most singing characters were each voiced by actors who didn't do their own singing and sung by professionals.

In the beginning of the movie Hotep and Huy offer her to Rameses as a concubine. Rameses gives her to Moses after she nearly bites him, who ultimately helps her escape captivity.

Moses crosses many miles of desert, and eventually reaches the land of the Midians, Tzipporah's people, who worship the Hebrews' god. After Moses saves Tzipporah's sisters from bandits, he is welcomed warmly into the tribe by their father Jethro, the High Priest. After assimilating in this new culture, Moses becomes a shepherd and gradually earns Tzipporah's respect and love, culminating in their marriage.


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