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  • Antagonist Hero: An antagonist hero is, simply put, the good side of Good vs. Evil, but are the opposing force in a Protagonist vs. Antagonist story. They may be an ideal, pure of heart, friendly hero, or they may be a dark, broody morally questionable anti-hero.
  • Anti Hero: An anti-hero is a hero that has one or many crippling flaws. Whether it's self doubt and/or hate or just being borderline evil is up to the author.
  • Paragon: The paragon is the traditional hero as seen in media, often negatively depicted in the modern age as a stereotype. It is nevertheless commonly used. A prime example of this kind of hero is Superman, who embodies the strong ethics, morals, values and powers that are associated with this archetype.
  • Sidekick: A sidekick is a hero who is often young (sometimes a child or teen) who aids a more prominent hero. The most iconic by far is Robin from the infamous Batman and Robin duo but many others exist. Like the Paragon, it is considered a stereotype in the modern era and has increasingly been played for laughs rather than serious.
  • Super Hero: Costumed crusaders of law and order who often come into conflict with the law themselves, this is one of the most popular kinds of heroes in modern fiction and they are believed by some to be modern re-inventions of the ancient gods and heroes of mythology.
  • The Chosen One: In many media, there exists a "Chosen One", a heroic character who is destined to save the world, universe or reality and often is the only one in all of creation who can do so. They are similar to messianic figures but do not always hold the same spiritual significance (though a great many do eventually become messiahs or very near parallels). Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars is an example of this archetype, as he was "the chosen one" or the one who was prophesied by the Jedi to bring balance to The Force. 
  • Tragic Hero: A hero that's doomed to fail no matter what due to their crippling flaws.
  • Reluctant Hero: Simply put, an unwilling hero is a character who never wanted to be a hero in the first place. They are often a subtype of the "Chosen One" mixed with Tragic Hero or Anti-Hero. Extreme examples may even be Antagonist Heroes.
  • Goal Heroes: Heroes who have a certain goal or objective in life doing everything and anything to achieve that goal but must walk a certain path to attain it.


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