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Tutankhsetamun is the title character of the animated TV series Tutenstein. A very rude and egotistical young mummy. He lived a spoiled and lazy life and had a best friend Nutka. The two would often trick the other children in Egypt or come up with scams to steal things such as honeycakes and toys. While it is unknown how he died, the introduction sequence portrays Tut playing with the Scepter and being plunged into darkness. However, he has mentioned on at least one occasion that he got sneezy before he died, showing he may have succumbed to disease. Other sources indicate he may have been assassinated. In the movie "The Clash of the Pharaohs" its revealed he died while saving Kapta from a tomb that was collapsing in which he was crushed to death. Tut-Ankh-An-Set-Amun died at the age of 10, reawakened about three thousand years later by Cleo. His nickname is Tutenstein (wordplay on Frankenstein), often shortened to Tut. He often has trouble with gods or ancient scripts. His only friends are Luxor and Cleo because everyone else he knew has died. When he's not doing something he shouldn't, Tut spends most of his free time in his sarcophagus because he must hide all day. He owns the Scepter of Was and he likes to play Senet with Cleo. Although he seems to ignore Cleo's warnings, he does seem to care for her very much. He even went to great lengths to try to protect her life in "Near Dead Experience" when he thought she was going to die, saying, "Cleo, I will do everything in my power to save you--even risk my own afterlife!" As he had died 3,000 years ago, his age in the current time is 3,010 years. Tut got punished by Isis for cheating at the game of Senet. He is considered by many people to be a Sagittarius, Taurus, or Aquarius. The museum is believed to be located in Brooklyn, New York City or Manhattan, New York City because of the way the landscape looked when the ground shook in the episode when the Crown of Geb was stolen and Geb shook the ground with his laugh. Interestingly, despite the god Set's antagonism toward Tut, the Pharaoh's name references him. Tut was first voiced by Jeannie Elias, followed by Maryke Hendrikse, then finally, by Donna Cherry.


  • Tutenstein is a portameau of Tutankhamen and Frankenstein
  • He is based on real life Tutankhamen
  • Tutenkamun died at the age of 18, but in Tutenstein, Tutanksetamun died at the age of 10

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