Tucker is one of the main heroes in horror-comdey Tucker & Dale vs Evil.


Despite his hillbilly appearance, Tucker is actually a very nice guy. Though he can be tough and somewhat hard on Dale, his best friend, he does so with good intentions. He clearly wants Dale to stand up for himself and believe in himself to get both a girlfriend and achieve better in life.

Tucker can also be somewhat blunt and hurtful, as he blames the situation with the college kids on Dale out of anger and frustration. He again grew frustrated at Dale for laughing when he saw he was covered in Bee stings. His temper was further pushed when Chad, the villain of the movie, cut two of his fingers off and clearly wanted revenge and the two rudely insulted each other regularly since then.

Tucker is also quite intelligent, having correctly deduced that the police would not believe him or Dale about the college kids suicide pact given the location and nature of the deaths. Further, he's shown to be quite brave, risking his life to save Dale's dog from the college kids and Allison from Chad's ruthless hunt which resulted in both occasions him suffering injury's.

His relationship with Dale is the most prominent in the film. The two are the best of friends, almost like brothers. Though Tucker can be hard on Dale, he clearly values his opinion. By the end of the film, Dale saves Tucker from near death and congratulates Dale for asking Allison out on a date.