Tuck and Roll

"Tweet-Tweet! Tweet-Tweet!"
~ -Tuck and Roll first see the Bird

Tuck and Roll are the twin pill bugs who speak a language other than English and minor heroes in the Disney/Pixar movie A Bug's Life. They are both voiced by Mike McShane.

According to the official Pixar website they are Hungarian, yet the language they speak is entirely fictional and the dance they do is a typical Russian Folk dance.


Tuck and Roll occasionally argue, but are usually the best of friends. They act as cannonballs in P.T. Flea's circus troupe. They like the sound of the phrase "You fired!" (of whose meaning they have no idea), and continuously repeat it throughout the film.


Tuck and Roll are Hungarian twin pill bugs. They occasionally argue, but are usually the best of friends. They act as cannonballs in P.T. Flea's circus troupe. They are supposed to be the main part of the Flaming Death act, but their arguing and fighting results in the act going totally out of control and everybody being fired. However, they don't seem to understand this and remain cheerful even at the Bug Bar. They also appear to like the sound of the phrase: "You're fired!", since they continuously repeat it throughout the film after P.T. Flea says it to them, much to Rosie's irritation.

Upon Flik's travel to Ant Island, he tells Tuck and Roll all about fighting Hopper and the grasshoppers, but they don't understand a word he says and just smile and nod. They are also the only ones who cheer for the preschool show, as they don't know what's going on because they don't understand English.

In the final act, it is Tuck and Roll's petty fighting and bickering that amuses Hopper, resulting in him relenting and watching the circus act long enough for the rescue of the Queen and the fake bird to be readied. In the final fight with Hopper, Tuck manages to pull off one of Hopper's antennae and uses it during the final show before they leave Ant Island.