Traximus is a Triceraton gladiator in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes 2003 series.

He was once a Triceraton Republic soldier but after questioning the Prime Leader's new intrusive ways, he was sent to the Republic's stadium. Traximus became a gladiator and almost forgot about honor after fighting in there for years. He later learned honor again by meeting and fighting the TMNT. The TMNT earned Traxmus's respect and the other gladiators. When Gruell offered the other gladiators last meals, Traximus gave a portion of it to the Turtles.

When the next round began, Traximus decided not to fight and helped the TMNT escape. They stole a cruiser and escape from both the Federation and the Triceratons.

Traximus joined the Battle Nexus to gather warriors to overthrow Zanramon. He helped TMNT fight the Ultimate Ninja and his assassins. After the Nexus, Traximus returned to the Triceraton planet to overthrow Zanramon and help the TMNT stop the Triceraton's invasion of Earth. Traximus later overthrew Zanramon and made peace with the Federation.