Background information
Origin Old Yeller (1957)
Hero information
Full name Travis Coates
Alias Travis
Occupation Arliss' brother, Jim and Kate's older son
Powers / Skills Gunmanship
Hobbies Working, playing with his dogs
Goals Protect his family from danger (Old Yeller), Rescue Arliss and Lisbeth Searcy from the Comanche (Savage Sam)
Family Arliss (younger brother)
Jim Coates (father)
Katie Coates (mother)
Beck Coates (uncle)
Friends / Allies Old Yeller (deceased), Savage Sam, Bud Searcy, Lisbeth Searcy, Burn Sanderson
Enemies Mother Bear, Raccoons, Wild Boars, Wolf, Comanche
Type of Hero Kid

Travis Coates is the main protagonist of Old Yeller and its sequel, Savage Sam.

He is Jim and Katie's son and Arliss' brother. Originally, he was the first-person character in the book. Likewise, he has to be the man of the house for the summer while Jim is out selling steers for current money, as where they live used to be part of the Confederate States, but when it became part of the United States, their money turned useless. To do this, he has to take care of his family and do a man's work.

He is played by Tommy Kirk in both films.

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