Toritsuki is the protagonist of the fangame Amnesia. She appears to be a ghost throughout most of the game (Save for the ending and an event you can trigger by going to sleep in her bed).


Toritsuki is half-transparent, has light brown hair which could be decipted as either ending on her eyes or hiding them, a pear-green shirt and a ghost-like tail.


Little is known about her, but some of the effects and their locations imply that she was a relatively sad person and that few things cheered her up.



In the bad ending, she dreams of what could be her cause of death: Suicide via boxcutter. In the ending, she becomes human and walks with the boxcutter (Weapon effect of the game) along with a teddy bear. Then she sits and cuts herself.

However, due to the existence of the good ending. It is possible that the whole game is a dream within a dream.

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