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Tokaku Azuma is the main protagonist of the anime Akuma no Riddle. At first a semi-antagonist later a hero who will protect Haru no matter what happens to herself.


Her family is well knowned assassins, the Tokaku Azuma, however her mother died, because of a disease. Before her mother died, her mother talked to her aunt about leaving their mother's house. Her aunt agrees, after they left the house, Tokaku's grandmother appears and kills her Tokaku's aunt.


She is cold, harsh and distant, who dislikes when people comes too close to her and she especially hates it when people call her by her first name, with the exception of Haru. However, she eventually grows to care for Haru over time. Later, she became friendly to other people.

Powers & Skills

She has superb strength, speed, agility, reflexes and etc. She seems to be very perceptive, when fighting assassins. She is also excellent in martial arts especially in knife, her primary weapon in battling her enemies.


  • Her favorite food is curry.
  • She is 160 cm tall and has a breast size B even tho it may not look like it according to Yun Kouga's comment in manga volume 1 .
  • She is the only known heir an the only known still living member of the near-extinct Azuma Clan.
    • She has no living relatives anymore, which suggests that her grandmother died at some point while taking care of her.
  • She has never seen her father's face.
  • Her mother died shortly after she was born, Tokaku was raised by her grandmother and aunt instead.