Tiny Kong
Background information
Origin Donkey Kong 64
Hero information
Full name Tiny Kong
Alias Tiny Cute Monkey Sexy Monkey
Occupation Heroine Dancer
Powers / Skills Dance Skills Feather Bow Hand-to-hand combat Double Ponitail Attack Pony Tail Twirl Mini-Monkey Monkeyport Super Duper Simian Slam Oranges Grenades Saxophone Slam Shockwave Speed Acrobatic skill
Hobbies Dancing Moving Hips Fashion
Goals Help Donkey Kong
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Monkey

Tiny Kong is character from the Donkey Kong series. She is Dixie Kong’s younger sister and as such is the cousin of Kiddy Kong, Chunky Kong, and Donkey Kong. She first appeared in Donkey Kong 64. She is known for being both nimble and fast, and using her two Ponytails to accomplish different tasks. Prior to her first appearance she hasn't had any other important roles in any other platform game. Tiny now appears almost in every Donkey Kong spin-off game however, and has even appeared in a Mario spin-off game. With only a few exceptions, she is playable in every game in which she appears.


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