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Full Name

Timothy Tiberius Turner


Twerp (by Vicky)
Sport (by Wanda)
The Pink Hat (by Mr. Crocker)
Surfboard Face, The Toothinator, The Towering Tooth-ferno (by Cosmo)
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, Turner


The Fairly OddParents



Powers / Skills

No information


Wishing for everything that he wants


To keep his fairy godparents, to win Trixie Tang's heart (formerly)

Friends / Allies

No information


No information

Type of Hero

Kid Hero, Harshly Treated Victim

Timmy Turner is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon cartoon The Fairly OddParents. He is a 10-year-old boy who lives in Dimmsdale, with his idiotic parents, who refuse to believe that Vicky is evil until Channel Chasers, and he has fairy godparents named Wanda and Cosmo.

Even from earliest episodes, Timmy has always shown extraordinary courage and a willingness to sacrifice himself if his friends and family's lives are in danger.  Power Mad, the second episode in the first episode "block", has him being very heroic after his friends were accidentally transported inside of a very dangerous video game.  Timmy wound up going inside of the game to attempt to rescue them.  The players, Chester, A.J., and Timmy, were given three lives; if they lost all three lives, they would disappear forever implying death. However when it looked like a monstrous Vicky Robot was about to crush Chester and A.J., after all three boys lost two of their lives, Timmy sacrificed his last life to save them. Fortunately, this action gave him enough points to get another life.

Another good example is from the Wishology special, in he sacrifices himself to protect his friends, family, and even his enemies.

Despite this Timmy does have some rather serious flaws. He does do things that are foolish, even idiotic. That, though, may be a reflection of his impulsive than his actual I.Q. It has been speculated in other media that he might have Attention Deficit Disorder. There are other instances when he's pretty smart at outwitting his enemies. In addition, he can be callous and at times a jerk. To his credit, though, he is well aware of his faults, and he will do the right thing when it's necessary.


Tortured by Vicky many times

Gets grounded in episodes: Father Time, Channel Chasers, Home Wrecker, Smarty Pants (at the end), Nega Timmy

Is Trixie Tang's former lover, Tootie's boyfriend in several episodes.


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