The Night Man is a hero in Malibu Comic's Ultraverse.


A popular saxaphonist in San Fransico, Johnny Domino's life was forever changed when he was out for a drive one afternoon. His car collided with the same cable car that carried fellow Ultras, the Strangers, and a fragment of the cable car became lodged in his brain, destroying the sleeping center. Despite their best efforts, doctors could remove it without giving Johnny further brain damage...which was a good thing. Due to the energy in the fragement from when the car was struck, Johnny developed a form of telepathy that allowed him to hone in on evil thoughts, as well as enhancing his natural night vision (though his eyes were now light sensitive). When Johnny first developed these powers, he learned of the plot of a serial killer called Deathmask, and became the vigilante, the Night Man, preventing Deathmask from killing anyone else (at least for awhile). As the Night Man, Johnny continues to protect the inhabitants of the evils that lurk in the shadows...


  • Limited Telepathy
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Infrared Vision (mask)

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