The Missing Link
Papa's a little outta shape.
~ The Missing Link
The Missing Link is the deuteragonist of Monsters vs. Aliens. He is a parody of King Kong and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. He was found frozen in a block and when he was thawed out, he went on a rampage at the beach before being captured and taken to Area Fifty-Something. He is voiced by Will Arnett.


Link is strong, agile and amphibian and can live in and out water as long as he wants. He is an adept swimmer. It is unknown if he can adhere to walls or other objects and crawl up them, but is seen in the movie crawling up Insectosaurus without falling.

As of being a bit reckless at times he is actually a very tough acrobatic and melee fighter, making him a powerful and unusual being. In the movie he is the one to think that he can do everything always rushing into battles without considering the consequences. In battle he can be considered the leader of the group.


He has a weakness for the ladies as shown on the movie almost hitting/flirting on Ginormica (Susan Murphy) & Sta'abi at first sight for greeting them and demonstrating his moves to impress them.

He can become trapped in some green goo as revealed in The Thing With One Brain.

As revealed in Race to the End...Zone!, his head fin is his weak spot since he'll lose his coordination if it gets damaged.

He also can not swim in chlorine as shown in the movie. His eyes would burn to much to see anything.

Behind the Scenes

The Missing Link is a parody of the Gill-man from Creature from the Black Lagoon and King Kong. Both have an attraction towards beautiful females.

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