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The Merlin Circle

The Merlin Circle

This is the Merlin Circle. It focuses your energy. Helps you master new spells. It is where you will learn the Art. Step inside, you will leave everything else behind. Once you enter, there is no going back.
~ Balthazar Blake about the Merlin Circle.

The Merlin Circle is a mystical magic symbol that is the source of Merlinean sorcery and it is primarily featured in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

It is a source of one sorcerer's magic. There are 7 domains within the Merlin Circle:

  • Space-Time
  • Motion
  • Matter
  • Elements
  • Transformation
  • Mind
  • Love (forbidden domain)

Each domain has a source for it's own spells.

It's opposite is the Morgana Star.

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