The Goanna is a minor anti-hero in the film Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. He is a large, blue monitor lizard who is musical, hungry, scheming, funny and sneaky.

He is voiced by rapper and actor Tone-Loc.


Goanna appears briefly as he sings "If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody". When Zak lands in front of Goanna's claws, he begins singing about how he wants to eat Zak, swaying his long tail and flicking his forked tongue while following him. Zak gets stuck to a snail and tries to hide behind a mushroom. When he falls into the leeches' water, the leeches sing with Goanna about how he is going to swallow Zak whole. Zak eventually falls onto Goanna's tongue, and Goanna wraps him in his tongue and then puts him into his mouth. Inside Goanna's mouth, Zak panics and struggles, but Goanna seems unaffected. Goanna is about to swallow Zak whole, but Crysta tells him that he is a friend. Upon hearing this, Goanna spits Zak out and says she owes him a free meal after this.