The Chosen, more commonly known as the 7th Crogenitor, is the main protagonist in the video game Darkspore. He was awoken from stasis in his spaceship by an AI unit named HELIX and begins to liberate various planets in the Galaxy from the mutated Darkspore.


Very little is known about The Chosen's past or his real name. What was known is he as one of the youngest Crogenitors of his time and he resided on the planet Perceptum, the capital of the Crogenitor Empire. Many years later, a power-hungry Crogenitor scientist named Xylan injected E-DNA into various species and turned them into an army of mutants called the Darkspore who went on a rampage across the Galaxy, eliminating any being who fought them and a majority of Crogenitors. Later, Xylan was exiled for his crimes and he fled to an unknown planet in the Noktroto Nebula. Later, Xylan, now a hulking brute called The Corruptor and leader of the Darkspore, sent the Darkspore to attack Perceptum, which resulted in the assassination of the Emperor. The Chosen was on of the few who survived and used his personal spacecraft to flee into the depths of space. The Chosen then put himself into hypersleep where he would remain dormant as his ship floated aimlessly through space. Years later, The Chosen was awakened by his ship's AI unit, HELIX, who informed him of the chaos going on in the Galaxy caused by the Darkspore and went on to eradicate the Darkspore and end the Crogenitor-Darkspore War. After reactivating his ship's navigation system, The Chosen blasted off into space, heading for Zelem's Nexus. When he arrived, The Chosen teamed up with various heroes of the war such as Vex, who had the ability to teleport. The Chosen lead his hero squadrons through Zelem's Nexus while keeping in contact with HELIX for assisstance. After he fought through many hordes of Darkspore, The Chosen cam across the corpse of the Crogenitor named Zelem, who had controlled the Nexus for years prior to the Crogenitor-Darkspore War.

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