Artwork of Terrifi-Guy drawn by Chris Battle who frequently illustrates characters in the show.

I'm a superhero. I'm way too busy doing hero stuff to worry about your little car problem.
~ Terrifi-Guy to Dan.

Terrifi-Guy is a character from Dan Vs. and despite being the "villain" of the episode Dan Vs. The Superhero, he is a minor antagonist hero who is friends with other heroes and stops outright robbers. His powers include superhuman strength, speed, laser beams that he uses as projectiles, and flight. His weakness is hot sauce. He is arrogant and selfish whenever he is interrupted by Dan and Chris, but he still did some good things, such as stopping robbers, and saving an apartment from getting destroyed by fire. He appears to be a very tall and muscular superhero with brown hair, a large chin, a blue cape, a gray jumpsuit with the yellow letter T on his torso and legs, and also wears blue gloves and boots.

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