Terri and Terry (Monsters University)
I'm a dance major!
~ Terri
And I'm not.
~ Terry

Terri and Terry Perry are two of the tritagonists in Disney and Pixar's film Monsters University. They are friends with Mike and Sulley in the movie and they are yellow four-armed Siamese brothers with horns and orange stripes on their tentacles. Terri is the smallest and has one horn; Terry is the tallest and has two horns. They are played by Sean Hayes and Dave Foley.


Part of the Oozma Kappa team, the twins along with the members were almost eliminated in the glowing urchin games. They are later seen when Mike studies hard about being a good student by performing the lessons to avoid failing and participating well in the games. Later, Terri & Terry appear in the final games where they scare the dummy children along with the other Oozma Kappa team members. The two-headed characters were about to celebrate their victory along with the other teammates, but later found out that Sulley cheated.


  • Sometimes, they are in the trailers of the movie. They appear in the prequel film Monsters University. However, they did not appear in the first film Monsters Inc.
  • Terry's voice actor, Dave Foley, is the second voice actor of Pixar to voice another character. The first is Flik from A Bug's Life.