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Taven, Edenian demigod

Taven is one of the demigod sons of Argus and the main hero of Mortal Kombat Armageddon.


After Argus and his wife, Delia, realized that the constant battles of Mortal Kombat would tear apart the realms, they put their two sons, Taven and Daegon, into a state of hibernation. They would then be awakened by their two dragons, Orin and Caro, when the firespawn Blaze called them to be awakened for a quest that would stop Armageddon that would also be a contest between the two. Whichever of the two succeeded in finding and defeating Blaze would be transformed into a full god and take Argus' place as the protector of Edenia.

They would also decide the fate of the combatants since their victory could either kill all of them or simply take away their powers, something Delia had insisted on since many of the fighters were heroes. After being awakened by Orin, Taven set out on the quest and as he went on, he discovered that Daegon had been awakened prematurely centuries before. He had become corrupted during that time and had formed the Red Dragon Clan in order to locate and defeat Blaze sooner, as well as hunt down his brother. After Taven found his way into the Red Dragon Fortress, he found out from Daegon's dragon, Caro, that his brother had killed their parents.

Eventually the demigod confronted Daegon at the edge of the crater where Armageddon was said to begin and managed to beat him. The Pyramid of Argus rose up from the crater, where Blaze challenged him to face him in Mortal Kombat. Taven fought his way up the pyramid and finally came to the last step in his quest to save the realms from Armageddon. He defeated the firespawn, but this did not kill the combatants or take away their powers, instead producing an unexpected third result. This actually increased their powers, making Armageddon's onset even worse and now a god, Taven made it his duty to stave off the end until some sort of solution could be found.


Taven is quite powerful due to being part god, appearing to be one of the most powerful beings in Mortal Kombat, and is commonly associated with the fire element. He can unleash powerful fireballs, deliver a devastating fire charged ground pound, or rush at his opponents and punch them with fire charged fists. Taven is also able manipulate time and space to freeze time temporarily and teleport across large distances. His strength, even as a demigod, was shown to be greater than that of many Earthrealm gods, such as Raiden and Fujin.


  • Taven's original pending name was Bob and though Ed Boon didn't like the name Taven, he went with it anyway.
  • He, along with Daegon and Skarlet, are the only playable characters to only appear in one game.

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