Tarzan is the famous hero of the novel "Tarzan of the Apes" (and a large number of sequels) by Edgar Rice Burroughs and is the archetype of the wild-child (or feral-child) - a type of hero that is said to be raised in the wild by animals and either returns to society or becomes a missing link of sorts between human and animal worlds.

Tarzan himself becomes a link between the human and animal worlds and retains much of his wild-side even when he moves into human civilisation - since his creation he has become the focus of many movies, cartoons and comic books - one of the most famous being the Disney movie.

When Tarzan first meets white humans, it is discovered that he is the son of the Lord of Greystoke. Although he is recognized as his father's rightful heir, he chooses to remain living in Africa. He marries Jane Porter, a woman from Maryland, and they have a son named Korak.

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