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I'm glad the Shirai Ryu chose me to join. New places, new faces.
~ Takeda about joining Cassie Cage's team
Let's see what's worth learning in there... Ahh! So many minds... trapped inside.
~ Takeda, when he attempts to read Ermac's mind

Takeda Takahashi is a student of Shirai Ryu leader Hanzo Hasashi and son to Kenshi. He is one of the main protagonists in Mortal Kombat X.


Takeda originates from Thailand and is of Asian descent, having black hair and brown eyes. In his youth as depicted in the comic, Takeda wore typical clothing as a child. At the time of apprenticeship, Takeda has shaggy hair and wears ninja garb with a yellow headband. However, his uniform is different from the Shirai Ryu, as he wears a blue shirt instead, and has bandages wrapped around his forearms.

In the game, Takeda wears an armored body suit, primarily a metallic silver in color with streaks of yellow-orange along the legs and hands. He still keeps his headband to represent his connection to the Shirai Ryu, along with a neck warmer. On his arms, he bears modified gauntlets designed to fire his spear tipped, bladed whips in battle. Takeda's alternate costume depicts him in a Shirai Ryu style uniform, similar to Scorpion's own costume, and bearing the clan's yellow color.




  • Interestingly enough, he shares his name with the first Shirai Ryu Clan founder, with Hanzo being the founder of the newest iteration of the clan.
  • Takeda is currently the youngest Earthrealm character to kill another individual, being a teenager (fifteen based on comic sketches) when he killed Fox.
  • Takeda is the second Shirai Ryu character to be playable in the franchise. Scorpion, who appeared twenty-three years prior, being the first.
  • Concept art and sketches reveal that Takeda was going to use eight different sword-like weapons and was code named Spider, similar to how Hanzo Hasashi is code named Scorpion. However, this changed when NetherRealm Studios decided to give Takeda whips instead and it's never mentioned if he obtained a code name.


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