Takashi is the protagonist of the Yume Nikki fangame Older. Many fans speculate that he is a soldier and a relative/caretaker/guardian of another fangame protagonist, Funetsuki from the fangame Tec (another fangame by xom), as a younger version of her appears throughout some parts of the game.

Appearance Edit Takashi has about shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes(Takashi is one of the few protagonists to have their eyes open, except when "dreaming") and what appears to be some sort of military/school all blue uniform, with dark grey shoes. PersonalityEdit Not much is known about Takashi's personality, but it is assumed that Takashi was very protective of Funetsuki, and most likely took care of her despite what was going on around them.


It is assumed Takashi was involved with the military or some similar situation, and recorded their dreams/memories though the old-fashioned projector/camera. Many of his worlds and effects could be considered to be "old-fashioned", and he saves at a typewriter which would also be considered to be "older".


After gathering all four of his/her effects, Takashi will open his door, only to be shot by a man in a green soldier uniform. The screen fades out, then fades in to a younger Funetsuki standing in a more empty/ruined version of Takashi's room, everything that was there before is gone save for Takashi's projector, which He used to record his dreams. Funetsuki turns on the projector, a screen with the message "To be continued" is displayed, along with Funetsuki's symbol/shirt design, and many believe that the fangame Tec is the sequel to Older.

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