Takashi's Group
is a group lead by Takashi Komuro who banded together to survive the undead.


The group was formed when Takashi and Rei, Shizuka and Saeko, meet up and saved Hirano and Saya from a group of them. They barricaded themselves in the faculty room and chose to team up to escape from the school.


  • Takashi Komuro - The Group's founder and leader.
  • Rei Miyamoto - Takashi's childhood friend and Sojutsu club member.
  • Saeko Busujima - The Kendo Club captain and expert combat skills with the sword, unoffical point man.
  • Saya Takagi - A member of the prestigious Takagi family and a genius with knowledge and deductive capabilities.
  • Kohta Hirano - Second year student and an expert in firearms and marksmenship. Unofficial covering fire man.
  • Nurse Shizuka Marikawa - Fujimi Academy's school nurse and group's medical expert.
  • Alice Maresato - A little girl who lost her father and was saved by Takashi.
  • Kiriko Miyamoto - Rei's mother and a former police officer.
  • Zeke - A dog that joined along with Alice.

Former Members

  • Asami Nakaoka - a police officer who was in charge of the mall survivors. When her superior officer was killed she chose to join the group. She was killed by Hirano when she was surrounded by Them so she could die in a less gruesome and terrible way.


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