Taichi Hoshimiya (星宮 太一 Hoshimiya Taichi?) is a character-of-the-week seen in the anime.


Taichi is Ichigo and Rachi's father, and also Ringo's husband. He is an explorer who travels around the world to seek out foods the world has never seen before and bring happiness to those people. He is also a honest person, who keeps promises and never lies. However, the story of his own travels that he tells to Ichigo and Raichi sounds somewhat fishy, although the two doesn't even doubt whether his story is a lie or not. Like his wife Ringo, he seems to have a connection with the Starlight Academy president Orihime Mitsuishi, calling her "Hime-chan" in one scene. It could be possible that he knows something about Masquerade.



aichi appears with light-brown short hair and red eyes like Ichigo. He mostly appears with bright-blue shirts, bright-chocolate jacket, blue-red stripped tie, and long brown pants

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