Suzu meet Ako in Major Land

Suzu is Ako's friend from school. She appears only in Suite Pretty Cure♪ : Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody!. Suzu's face is similar to Ellen and her hair is similar to Honoka.


Suzu is also the resident from Major Land and Ako Shirabe's best friend. Besides Ako, Mephisto, and Aphrodite, Suzu was the only resident from Major Land not turned to stone. Suzu was angry at Aphrodite because she believed that it was her fault for the music disappearing. After learning the truth, she joined in helping Cure Melody gain her power up, Crescendo Cure Melody by using the Miracle Light Tone.


Ako Shirabe - Suzu is Ako's best friend from Major Land although Suzu was afraid that Ako was not her friend anymore due to a fight they had right before Ako left for Earth.

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