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Susan Strong is a character from Adventure Time.

She first appears in the episode of the same name. Susan Strong lives underground with the members of the Hyooman tribe, whom she leads in an attack against the Candy Kingdom. At first, she cannot speak much English and is afraid of many things, but Finn and Jake teach her about the ways of Ooo. Susan lives up to her name; she is strong enough to crush boulders with her arms.

Susan returns in the season three episode "Beautopia." She asks for Finn's help to reclaim the Hyoomans' old home, the underground city of Beautopia. Susan, Finn, and Jake use fire to fight off the Lub Glubs, scary monsters that take the form of pool floats, allowing the Hyooman tribe to return to their city. At the end of the episode, Susan allows Finn to feel under her hat, letting Finn know if she is human or not; however, Finn's reaction does not reveal the truth to the the episode preboot/reboot it is revealed that she is a half human/half cyborg designed by doctor gross and her real name is kara.