SuperTed (voiced by Danny Cooksey in the US version and Derek Griffiths in the UK version) - a teddy bear who was thrown aside of the rejects and bought to life by Spotty's cosmic dust, a be given special powers by Mother Nature. the main hero of the series who rescues all people who need help like Billy (who loses his father), Kiki (who had her pet Whale kidnapped by Texas Pete), Blotch (Spotty's sister who needed both his and Spotty's help find Speckle the Haproo), the boy of the 'Sheepless Nights', The Oklahoma kids in Texas (Slim, Hoppy and Kitty who Texas Pete ruined their rodeo and then took their pet animals and the entire state of Texas) and Prince Rajesh (who's notorious uncle villain called Prince Pyjamarama is making a mess of being a Raja with his helper, Mufti).


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