Background information
Origin Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)
New Mutants #1 (1983)
Hero information
Full name Roberto Da Costa
Alias Sunspot, Bobby, Reignfire
Occupation Adventurer, Brazilian Soccer player, Owner of Da Costa International, Leader of A.I.M., New Mutant, Moonstar Cadre, former member of X-Coropation, X-Force, Bratpack, X-Ternals, X-Men, Fallen Angels and former student/resident at X-Mansion
Powers / Skills Flight, superhuman strength, pyrokinesis, superhuman durability, solar form, super endurance, thermokinesis, athletics, hand-to-hand combat, business skills
Hobbies Playing soccer and other sports, training, adventuring, spending time with his friends, flirting with the ladies, running businesses, helping his fellow New Mutants
Goals Protect mutant kind and mankind
Family Emmanuel da Costa (father deceased), Nina da Costa (mother)
Friends / Allies Former Friends

X-Force, X-Coronation, X-Ternals, Fallen Angels, Warpath, Boom Boom, Skids, Blink, Bratpack
Current Friends
New Mutants, Magik, Wolfsbane, Cypher, Moonstar, Magma, Warlock, Karma, Cannonball, Lockheed, Husk, X-Men, Charles Xavier, Guthrie Family, Moonstar Cadre, Hrimhari, Lila Cheney, U.S.Avengers, Marvel Superheroes, Juliana Sandoval (girlfriend deceased)

Enemies Hellions, Demon Bear, Selene, Magus, Emmanuel Da Costa, Project Purgatory, Demons, Marvel Supervillains, Emmanuel da Costa
Type of Hero Superhero, Mutant, Brazilian Businessman

What does one who strikes behind know of honor?
~ Sunspot

Roberto Da Costa alias Sunspot is a mutant from the X-Men series. He is a mutant with the ability to draw energy from the sun to give him superhuman strength. In his powered-up form, Sunspot appears as a being of black, crackling force. He is a founding member of the New Mutants.

Sunspot is portrayed by Adan Canto in the 2014 film X-Men:Days of Future Past. Roberto's religion is Catholic just like his parents and it is one of the religions in Brazil.


Roberto Da Costa is a mutant, with the ability, to harness the sun's power and possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Roberto comes, from a wealthy family, his father was a millionaire and his mother was a archaeologist, and has been described as brash and quick tempered. Initially a member of the New Mutants, Roberto has since developed, a long history, with various X-Men related, teams as well as some villains. Currently, he is a member of the Avengers. Bobby became the owner of Da Costa International after the death of his father.

Roberto was a soccer player and mutant with solar powers form Brazil. He first manifested his superhuman mutant powers when, at the age of fourteen, he was playing in a championship soccer match for his school team in Rio de Janeiro. Motivated by racial hatred, a boy named Keller and another member of the opposing team knocked Da Costa to the ground. The hot-tempered Da Costa retaliated by tackling Keller, who began brutally beating him. It was then that, without being aware of what was happening to him, Da Costa first manifested his superhuman strength. His body and clothing temporarily turned black in the process, and he inadvertently hurled Keller away from him. Confused and frightened, Da Costa sought help, but both the other players and most of the spectators panicked and fled. However, his girlfriend, Juliana Sandoval, who had been watching the game along with Emmanuel, stood by Roberto in his time of need.

Roberto's powers came to the attention of Donald Pierce, the renegade White Bishop of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Pierce sought to murder any superhuman mutants he could find. Pierce's mercenaries failed to abduct Roberto, but kidnapped Juliana instead. The mutant telepath, Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, had learned of Pierce's plan to kill Roberto and sent his colleague, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, and the young superhuman mutants, Karma and Psyche, to help da Costa. After his powers activated he was recruited to become a member of the New Mutants.

Being a proud patriot of his adopted country the United States of America Bobby shows this by reforming some of the members of the Advanced Idea Mechanics into the American Intelligence Mechanics which helped create the U.S.Avengers.


Roberto is a hothead young boy who is known to fly off the handle. He's assertive courageous and determined. He never back down, believes he can handle his own problems and avenge any harm done to his friends.

He tends to assume that he's the person qualified to make the tough calls, the one who has to bare the world on his shoulders.

He loves that his powers make him one the strongest members of the team. Bobby enjoys his powers because they make him stronger than ever other guy before he got his powers he didn't like that he was shorter than the other guys, didn't like the bigger guys would get the girls instead of him and didn't like being manhandled. Now he likes that he is not weak anymore and loves that he can finally get the girls.

Roberto has a temper problem but has gottengo a keeping it under control.


I could never refuse a pretty girl anything. Welcome, sehnor.
~ Sunspot
I thought being the hot-headed jerk was my job.
~ Sunspot
You said you had a mission for us. Does this assignment include beating down are friends?
~ Sunspot
I am Sunspot a mutant possessing the power to level this building if I wished. To some, that makes me a monster. But looking at you, I wonder which us more fully deserves that name.

~ Sunspot
Come on, let's go. I'll lead. You hold my hand.
~ Sunspot to Wolfsbane who is scared
What'll that prove? We're finds Dani a team and friends stick together.
~ Sunspot to Moonstar
If your beliefs aren't shaken, the you've nothing to fear.
~ Sunspot
You're only wearing a sweater! Here, take my jacket you must be freezing!
~ Sunspot




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