Son Wukong

Sun Wukong is a hero from the Chinese epic Journey to the West. He wields a pole which can extend to any length, and weighs about 17,857 pounds.

Sun Wukong was born from a magic stone formed from chaos. He joined a clan of monkeys, and discovered a secret cave that the monkeys could use as their new home. The monkeys were grateful and accepted Wukong as their king. However, Sun Wukong was not happy only ruling over monkeys, as he wanted Immortality. To find it, he traveled and found the Buddhist Patriarch Bodhi, who, with some uncertainty, took him on as his disciple. Wukong became a favorite disciple of Bodhi, and learned to read and write, as well as learning how to transform into anything in the universe. Here he also learned how to jump 33 miles in a single jump. However, Wukong started bragging to the others, and Bodhi banished him from the temple.

Wukong travled through the seas, where he found a staff that could extend to any length, and weighed about 17,857 pounds. He defeated the four water dragons, and took from them Golden Armor, A Phoenix Helmet, and Boots that allowed him to walk on clouds. To make sure he would never die, he erased him name from the Book of Life and Death. The Emperor of Heaven heard about this, and to stop Wukong from becoming too dangerous he offered him a place among the gods. However, he was given the lowest ranking job possible, and was offended to the point where he allied with the demons of Earth in a Battle against Heaven. The gods were forced to recognize him as "Great Sage Equal to Heaven", however, Wukong once again rebelled when he found out that he was not invited to a royal banquet. He stole peaches, pills, and wine that would keep his immortality, and fought 100,000 Celestial Warriors. He was locked into a cauldron, and eventually escaped, with the ability to recognize any evil. With no options left they called to Buddha, who bet that Wukong couldn't escape from his palm. Wukong jumped, wrote on five pillars, and returned, only to discover that the pillars were Buddha's fingers. Buddha quickly sealed him away.

500 years later Xuanzang, a young monk, sought to journey to India to receive some sacred scriptures. Wukong was told that if he joined him he would he freed. He was tricked into putting on a headband that would tighten if Xuanzang said a special chant. He helped Xuanzang with his pilgramige, and was given Buddahood for his service.

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